Cody Towns Around the US

The United States is home to five towns named Cody. Another town named Cody is found in Canada and one in India with the spelling "Kodi" also exists. Here's an overview of the towns around the US named Cody.

Cody, Florida

While Cody, Florida is not known as a town or city, it's still a community within Jefferson County. This unincorporated community is found to the west of Wacissa close to the Leon County/Jefferson County line.  It's found just to the northeast of the Plank Road State Forest and just northwest of the Aucilla Wildlife Management Area. The closest large city found near Cody is Tallahassee, Florida. It's located about 17 miles from the community. Cody was once serviced by the Florida Central Railroad, which was the main reason it became a community. The unincorporated community did have a post office from 1912 to 1937 when the railroad was in use. 

Cody, Minnesota

Another small community in the United States called Cody is found in Minnesota. Cody is actually a neighborhood located in West Duluth not far from the Minnesota/Wisconsin state line. The neighborhood is found just minutes from Saint Louis Bay and it's just to the north of the Lake Superior Zoo. The Cody neighborhood includes four main roads: Keene’s Creek also passes through the neighborhood. The neighborhood is bordered by other communities including Spirit Valley found to the southeast, Bayview Heights to the west, Denfeld to the east, and Fairmount to the south. 

Cody, Missouri

The third Cody town in the US on the list is found in Missouri. It's another unincorporated community, so it's not technically a town. Cody, Missouri is found in the southeastern section of Greene County between Rogersville and Springfield. It's located off the intersection of Missouri Route 125 and U.S. Route 60.  A post office was established in Cody for a few years. It was opened in 1901 and closed down in 1905. The name of the community came from William Frederick Cody, also known as Buffalo Bill Cody. 

Cody, Nebraska

Located in Cherry County, Nebraska, this Cody town found in the US is actually incorporated as a village. It's known as the Village of Cody and has a population of 153 residents, as of 2019. The village provides 1.03 square miles of land with very little water.  When the railroad extended into the area in 1886, Cody was platted and became a community. The name was in honor of Thomas Cody, a foreman for the railroad.  Cody, Nebraska offers a few features and amenities including Cody Park. The park offers tent and RV camping with affordable rates and full-service hookups for RVs.  The Circle C Market is also found here, which is known as a straw-bale grocery store. It's run by students from the Cody-Kilgore High School and it's known for the F'Reals. Many RV travelers and other travelers stop in Cody when they are headed through the area.

Cody, Wyoming

Probably the most popular of the Cody towns around the US is Cody, Wyoming. It's actually a city found in Park County and was named for Colonel William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody. He helped found the city in 1896. Cody, Wyoming is the largest of the Cody towns on the list at 10.46 square miles. It's also the most populated with a population of 9,788 residents as of 2019. The city is home to the Yellowstone Regional Airport and just to the east of the Yellowstone National Park.  A few unique attractions are found in Cody including the Old Trail Town, which is a collection of ghost-town relics, and the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, which is an interactive western museum.  The Rodeo is one of the most important things found in Cody, Wyoming. In fact, the city is known as the Rodeo Capital of The World because of the many Rodeo events held throughout the year. Cody is home to The Cody Nite Rodeo, which is an amateur event held throughout the summer months. It's also the host of the Cody Stampede Rodeo, which is a part of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. The Cody Stampede Rodeo is one of the largest in the entire county and held over the July 4th Holiday.  The city of Cody is also known as a popular tourist destination. Since it's located close to Yellowstone Park, it's a popular place for travelers to stay when they want to visit the national park.  The Shoshone River runs through Cody, which offers whitewater rafting and kayaking. Rock climbers also flock to the area for the more than 300 rock-climbing routes in Shoshone Canyon and nearly 600 boulder problems in Cedar Mountain. Plenty of other popular activities are available in Cody, as well. It's by far the most popular of the Cody towns around the US and provides a hub for outdoor recreation.

Cody Lake in Minnesota

While Cody Lake isn't a town or community, it still carries the name "Cody" in the United States. It's a lake found in Rice County, Minnesota and it was named for Patrick Cody. Patrick was an early settler in the area.  The lake is found about 3.6 miles from Lonsdale close to Wheatland, Minnesota. It has also gone by the name Du Bon Lake. Cody Lake covers about 259 acres of space and it's about 14 feet deep at the deepest point.  If you're looking for a place to fish in Minnesota, Cody Lake offers Largemouth Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, Bluegill, Black Bullhead, Green Sunfish, Yellow Perch, Yellow Bullhead, Black Crappie, and a few other species of fish. There is a boat ramp for easy access to the lake.

Other Towns Named Cody in the World

The above five communities are the only Cody towns around the US. However, there are two other communities within the world with the name Cody.

Cody, British Columbia, Canada

A ghost town found in British Columbia; Cody is located in the Selkirk Mountains. It's very close to Sandon and home to about 250 people today. Most of the people living in Cody, BC work at the Noble Five Mine. This ghost town named Cody is surrounded by old mines including the Noonday, American Boy, Noble Five, Slocan, and Sovereign mines. Most of what is left today are ruins, except for the Noble Five office.

Kodi, India

While it's not spelled the same as the Cody towns around the US, Kodi in India is found in the Kundapura taluk of the Udupi district. The name Kodi means corner and the location is found on the Arabian sea coast.  While more than one of the Cody towns around the US was named for Buffalo Bill Cody, the rest were named for other settlers with the last name Cody. Most might be aware of Cody, Wyoming, but the other Cody towns listed might come as a surprise. They are all smaller communities but do provide homes for some people within the United States today.